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How to Empower People for Better Results at Work

How to Empower People for Better Results at Work

Take charge of your business success today with a simple, do-it-yourself approach for empowering your employees to get better results at work.

Radical Clarity for Business is a strategic action planning process that bolsters your brand, simplifies marketing, drives sales pipeline acceleration, and financial results for companies and organizations.

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What others say about working with Clifford Jones

“I’ve known Cliff Jones for many years, and I’ve seen him in action for myself. Cliff’s “hungry fighter” mindset and his deep desire to empower CEOs, business owners, and leaders are among the most inspiring I’ve ever seen. Cliff Jones is the real deal.”

Harvey Mackay, Seven-time, New York Times best-selling author
“Cliff not only gave us direction but motivated staff to WANT TO move in that direction! I was astounded by what he could do and how authentic, caring, and genuine he was as he worked with us!”
Danna Evans, CEO, All Things EQ

“Working with Cliff Jones and Jeff Baker helped us get a 150% increase in Google ad conversions as well as a 151% increase in phone sales conversions within the first 120 days. I highly recommend them if you want an affordable, professional team to help you get better Google, Facebook, Instagram advertising, and sales conversion results with a serious ROI.”

Nick Vivian, CEO, Northland Lawn, Sport, and Equipment, John Deere dealerships

“No matter how successful someone is, they’ve had people that have helped them become successful. Be it as a coach, a mentor, a consultant, a thought leader, or a visionary, Cliff Jones has led hordes of successful people to their promised land. How do I know that to be true? Because Cliff has given me insights that have allowed me to become more successful.”

Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator, author, speaker, coach

“Cliff’s energy, wisdom, intuition, and an amazing sense of humor is a killer combo. I highly recommend reaching out to him if you are ever feeling stuck. I feel very fortunate that the winds led me in his direction.”

Lisa Martinez, a corporate marketing executive in transition
“Cliff Jones is a proven writer and business leader, whose skills far eclipse the fundamentals of most. Cliff brings a wealth of knowledge on process management, Internet marketing and clarity thought processes to every engagement. Cliff’s business acumen coupled with his technical writing skills brings a powerful combination of skills to his writing projects.”
Bryan Heathman, CEO of Made for Success Publishing, author
“I know Cliff virtually. Cliff went above and beyond the call of duty! :) Delivering advice, suggestions, and ideas that we were able to quickly implement! He’s well versed with Infusionsoft and has guided us through the mine-fields of questions we had with setting up our marketing funnel and campaigns. I would work with Cliff in a heartbeat!”
Jeffrey Grossman, tech entrepreneur

“YES! Finally, someone who is “outcome-focused” and has a strategic mindset. Thank you for your help so far Cliff. The rest of the team has been a pleasure to work with and I’m excited for all that we are creating with you and your team’s assistance. Ted Miller III When Cliff was hired by the two partners of the firm, I was asked to be part of the planning process because I manage the operations, staff, and administration of our wealth management practice here in Scottsdale. We serve really high net worth clients. Cliff knew our market extremely well and could easily facilitate getting our whole team on the same page. From my perspective, hiring Cliff was one of the best things the partners of the company have done in a long time.”

Doni Langston, COIO of Empowerment Financial Group

“Cliff engaged with us and we got to work right away on fine-tuning our marketing strategy and cutting back on low-ROI marketing and sales expenses. He delivered to our company and team a planning process that we loved. Before meeting Cliff we had worked with a number of other consultants. There was simply no comparison. If you want to fire up your sales machine and stop wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work, engage Cliff as your Chief Marketing Officer and hang on for the ride of your life.”

Paul Seidman, Partner, Empowerment Financial Group
“Cliff did an exemplary job helping us to implement InfusionSoft into our medical practice. He has been incredibly insightful and accommodating, and I would strongly recommend him to anyone Jen Passarelli Cliff and his team of online marketing and Infusionsoft experts like Travis Garner helped us get dialed in on our marketing strategy. He worked directly with us through the entire process and came to our office every week to coach us for over a year. Also, Cliff mapped out our follow up marketing, helped us add a key new member to our team for sales growth, and guided us into new marketing campaigns that helped us raise the bar. I’ve been the CEO of my firm for a long time and I have yet to meet a business coach and strategic marketing advisor like Cliff. We position ourselves as “trusted advisors” to our clients worldwide. Cliff and his team exemplify the words, TRUSTED ADVISOR.”
Mark Langerman, CEO of Empowerment Financial Group

“Cliff is very knowledgeable in sales/marketing. We worked with Cliff and his team to develop a new online marketing and sales strategy. The end result was complete clarity on where the team needed to go and knowing exactly what steps to take to execute. An excellent trusted marketing advisor and business coach.”

Mike Boehler, Sales Producer, Empowerment Financial Group
“It was a great pleasure to work with Cliff. His experience and professionalism shone through everything he did. Our business now has a clearer path to profitability. Thanks!”
Jonathan Khorsandi, digital marketing executive
“Cliff is a real marketing strategist! He can quickly assess your needs and come up with a marketing strategy that will work for your company. He knows the “in” and “outs” of Infusionsoft. Cliff is sure to make your company’s marketing vastly better!”
David Stump, management consultant

“We met Cliff when we implemented Infusionsoft. He was helpful in our implementation and strategy. After three days of having him onsite, we were much more confident we could successfully pull off our project. We were so pleased that we continue to work with Cliff and his team. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and makes you feel like you are his only client. I highly recommend him without reservation.”

Mark Testa, Executive Vice President, Regenexx

“Cliff has successfully provided meaningful insight and leadership that we needed to triage our media business (as a result of choosing the wrong people to work with prior to meeting Cliff). Cliff has been instrumental in providing the details and granularity needed to make our organization branded and shown in the way we wanted it to be perceived, and important “how-to” guidance to attract the best leads at a fraction of the cost. Cliff is beyond his peer group when it comes to his professionalism, and we are happy with the result he and his team have provided to us thus far. When the chips were down, Cliff rolled up his sleeves and helped us greatly. Can’t think of too many people in this business who would do that for anyone.”

Salvatore Buscemi, Managing Director, Dandrew Capital Partners

“Consider Cliff and his team your one-stop shop for sales acceleration and marketing automation maximizing your Infusionsoft dollar. His assistance in creating all stages of our sales pipeline has created an 85% growth in business in less than a year! I strongly recommend you contact him when needing assistance in areas of CRM, SEO, Branding, Copywriting, and anything Infusionsoft! Thank You, Cliff!”

Bob Kiehn, CEO, national private investigative firm

“Cliff is amazing! He is very enthusiastic and passionate about helping you succeed! I would highly recommend this business to anyone! Leona Locklear Cliff is a great resource with tremendous business acumen. His knowledge of email marketing, SEO, and paid search has been a huge asset to me and my clients. I highly recommend him!”

Spencer Rogers, computer scientist, inventor, investor, board advisor

“Cliff is a first-rate consultant. He knows his stuff. He is professional. He Is so personable and helpful. He is exactly the right person to guide and create momentum for our marketing efforts!”

Mark Peterson, management consultant
“Cliff is a patient mentor and motivator. His ability to pack power to the punch with Infusionsoft and build inspiring campaigns opens up new possibilities and business opportunities. The flexibility of Infusionsoft in the hands of a master is intriguing and has truly put wind in my sails. I recommend the combination to anyone who needs an expert eye on their campaign, is able to make quick decisions, keeps an open mind, and who is willing to be stretched.”
Yolanda Kruger, organizational development professional, coach

“I have known Cliff for a number of years and I have always enjoyed our conversations and his ability to think outside the box. His expertise in Infusionsoft and direct response marketing has been invaluable to me and my partners in getting the marketing and automation that we have needed for our business. I would highly recommend Cliff and his team to anyone.”

Andy Werner, real estate investor, coach, educator

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