The Phoenix Startup Market Is Hot - Meet Rick Stoddard, partner with Coplex

The Phoenix startup market is hot. Meet Rick Stoddard, partner with Coplex.  Coplex is one of the emerging leaders in the Phoenix startup community. Check out my video interview with Rick and learn what's driving the startup momentum here.

What makes any city a great city for startups, and why is the Phoenix heating up? Here are a few of the key reasons and how Rick and the Coplex team based at Galvanize Phoenix are making a difference.

  1. Let's begin with people. Phoenix is now home to approximately five million people! When my wife and I first moved here in 1986, there were only 600,000 people. Clearly it helps to love where you live, and Phoenix promises to be a growing market for decades as people continue to move here from all over the world. Coplex's team is one example.
  2. Then there's leadership. As the Phoenix market grows in size, so does the body of leaders who start, lead, build and focus on making the startup community more robust. We have thousands of new role models leading the startup charge in Phoenix, and Rick Stoddard, along with Zach Ferres and the capable leadership team at Coplex.
  3. Phoenix startups have serious momentum. As Phoenix grows and continues to attract existing companies that offer better wage and job growth, the momentum for startups is building. As more mature companies relocate to Phoenix for environmental, lifestyle and economic reasons, the environment for startups continues to improve. Small business success leads to job growth and the sustainability of local communities.

During our conversation Rick reveals a few other things that will be of interest to everyone involved in the Phoenix startup community. You'll see how the Coplex process helps to reduce the risk of startup failure. Also, Rick discusses the typical timeline for taking your product to market so you're more likely to be successful earlier in your launch.

How much does the Coplex team charge for you to launch your startup leveraging their process, people and proven track record of success? As you'll hear when you watch the video, it's an investment I believe you can't afford not to make. I share this because of the power of the Coplex process. Ask Rick for a few more success stories relevant to your idea or business model.

In closing, I love being part of the Phoenix startup community and working with startup pros like Rick Stoddard and his team at Coplex. You can reach Rick at [email protected]

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