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Clifford Jones is the founder and managing partner of Clarity Strategic Advisors, LLC, a business advisory company focused on training, leadership, and business development. He is the co-author of four books, author of an award-winning blog, an inspired speaker and the creator of the Clarity Strategic Action Planning Blueprint. You can connect with him at

Use the Clarity for Life™ Do-It-Yourself Life Planning Guide

This article is for people who have a burning desire to change, reinvent, their lives using a powerful, simple life planning guide I’ve used personally for many years. The more I share it with others, the more feedback I get like, “Cliff, thanks for helping me get clarity.”

Are you one of the millions of people quitting your job or thinking about what’s next?

Are you feeling stuck with relationships, finances, and spending too much time alone?

Do you feel lost and without purpose even though you sold your business or retired to live the dream?

Welcome to Clarity for Life™, a do-it-yourself life planning guide to help you mindfully reinvent yourself.

You don’t need to hit rock bottom or feel sick and tired of your career, business, and relationships to do something about it. You need a deep-rooted and burning desire to change, to plan with a fresh, “heads-up,” mindful approach to creating the life you want.

Who’s In Charge?

Imagine for a minute you’re the CEO of a big company. Hundreds of people look up to you to create a vision, mission, and goals. You’re in charge of the entire thing.

What about your life? The bottom line is that you need to learn how to act like the CEO of You, Inc. Clarity for Life™ shows you how. Keep reading and learn a simple, effective way to create the life of your dreams.

If you’re in charge, the first thing you need to do is have a strategy. You need a plan of action, time, creativity, commitment, people, and infinite resources to help you get where you’re going. 

You need to know what you want. Then, you need to choose the proper action steps to take at the right time in the right place. If you can’t do all the work yourself, you’ll need people to help you.

You need to measure results carefully, communicate clearly and confidently, and empower everyone you enlist to help you. Unless you run the Federal Reserve and a printing press, you’ll need to responsibly manage your finances and other resources.

The Problem with Thinking

The problem with our thinking is us. Look in the mirror. What do you hear yourself saying most of the time? Think about your thinking.

Is your self-talk kind, compassionate, supporting, confident, and clear? For most of us, the answer is “No.” Our self-talk is typically harsh, judging, condemning, full of contempt, and far from loving. Many of us become our worst enemy even though we forget to think about that much.

In other words, your life, career, relationships, and all aspects of your life directly reflect your thinking, self-talk, speaking, and being with others. Everywhere you go, there you are. You think you’re in charge of your thinking more than you are.

Two Kinds of Minds

The truth is, most of us aren’t aware of how our mind works. When you consider all the information coming at you every waking minute, your conscious mind can’t absorb it. There’s a much more significant part of you running under the surface of your conscious awareness. 

Neuroscientists tell us that only about five percent of our thinking is conscious. That means more than 90% of your thinking happens subconsciously or unconsciously if you’re a psychoanalyst or someone in mental health.

If you forget to breathe, something breaths you. The same part of you clots your blot, beats your heart, and blinks your eyes without thinking about it. That same part of you often says and does things you soon regret.

The good news is that you’re not a robot even though you’re heavily programmed by where you were raised, by whom, and your current environment. We all become products of the environment because that’s how nature works. 

Here’s a simple breakdown of the human mind.

  1. Your conscious mind is your immediate awareness. It represents approximately five percent of your thinking. If your conscious mind were a computer processor, 95% of your processing power would come from somewhere else.
  2. Your subconscious mind runs below the surface. It runs on autopilot. Your subconscious mind runs programmatically, affecting every aspect of your life.
  3. The unconscious mind is the term mental health professionals use for the subconscious. You can also find the word in metaphysics, philosophy, and conscious publications.

What Are You Thinking?

The problem for most of us is what we think about our thinking. And that’s why finding clarity is all about it. When you have clarity of thought, know who you are, what you want, and how to get it, you live with clarity, confidence, and abundance. 

When you have clarity, your life, relationships, money, good health, creativity, spirit, and all aspects of your life flows like a big river. It’s like sitting on top of a big raft floating through life, and having a blast. 

Be like water if you want to find flow in your life. When a big river hits rocks, the water finds the path of least resistance and flows to a destination with power, ease, and grace. 

Try being like a river. If you hit big rocks, don’t stop arguing and fight to be right. Move on to your destination.

If you begin to freeze, keep moving fearlessly. 

If bad stuff gets into your system, keep moving and flush it out. 

How to Write a Life Plan

If we agree that you are the CEO of You, Inc., let’s get you started writing a new, strategic life plan. Anyone can write a new life plan as long as they are ready to change their life!

Warning: If you don’t have a BURNING DESIRE to change your life for the better, nothing in my guide will help you. The reason is that if you don’t take charge of your life plan, who will?

To change your life, you’re going to need to get out of your comfort zone. You need a process to follow. You need to focus on taking action.

The Clarity for Life™ planning guide gives you 30 simple steps to follow.

There’s no fluff, upsells, or BS in my life planning guide. Just follow the steps!

Along the way, you’ll discover the power of the “Ten Realms of Real Wealth.” These are the ten parts of your life that you can improve with planning, intention, and commitment.

Follow each step and improve your spiritual life and mental and physical well-being. You’ll learn that you need to be grateful for everything you’ve got to get what you want.

Not Sure What You Want?

If you’re not sure what you want next, that’s okay. It’s normal not to know what’s next. When you lack clarity on what’s next in any part of your life, work on your life plan. Clarity always comes when you trust the process for gaining insight.

You’ll learn the hidden power of your subconscious mind and how to program yourself for success. The key is FEELING the feeling you’d feel as if you’ve already achieved what you want in the future. You have to assume you are in the place you want to be. In other words, faking it til you make it is the secret to reinventing your life!

Beyond your spiritual, mental, and physical well-being, the Clarity for Life™ planning guide will show you how to improve your career, relationships, creativity, and financial success.

Ready to get started?

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Life Planning with Clarity for Life

A Do-It-Yourself Life Planning Guide

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Mindful strategic planningA few words from past clients …

“I’ve known Cliff Jones for many years, and I’ve seen him in action for myself. Cliff’s “hungry fighter” mindset and his deep desire to empower CEOs, business owners, and leaders are among the most inspiring I’ve ever seen. Cliff Jones is the real deal.”

– Harvey Mackay, Seven-time, New York Times best-selling author

“No matter how successful someone is, they’ve had people that have helped them become successful. Be it as a coach, a mentor, a consultant, a thought leader, or a visionary, Cliff Jones has led hordes of successful people to their promised land. How do I know that to be true? Because Cliff has given me insights that have allowed me to become more successful.”

– Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator, author, speaker, coach

“Cliff not only gave us direction but motivated staff to WANT TO move in that direction! I was astounded by what he could do and how authentic, caring and genuine he was as he worked with us!”

– Danna Evans, CEO, All Things EQ

About the author : Clifford

Clifford Jones is the founder and managing partner of Clarity Strategic Advisors, LLC, a business advisory company focused on training, leadership, and business development. He is the co-author of four books, author of an award-winning blog, an inspired speaker and the creator of the Clarity Strategic Action Planning Blueprint. You can connect with him at