Free Book Review of Meetings Suck with Author Cameron Herold

Did you know lame meetings cost us hundreds of millions of dollars every year? Here's a short video and free book review of, "Meetings Suck: Turning One of The Most Loathed Elements of Business Into One of The Most Valuable."

The video interview lasts just under thirty minutes. It's a concise and compelling summary of a great book to read. You can connect with Cameron Herold here.

Remember, many great leaders are readers for a reason! Reading rewires our brain and makes us more empathetic, effective people to follow. If you want to buy the book, which I definitely recommend because it's a quick and essential read for everyone in your organization, click here. (No, it's not an affiliate link because I don't love supporting the beast called Amazon.)

Better yet, talk with Cameron's team about having him speak or coach your team. Then, you get his books built into the real deal. (No, I'm not an affiliate. I just strongly dislike lame meetings and want to help end the insanity.)

Cliff Jones interviews Cameron Herold, author of Meetings Suck.

Cameron's book is a fast, easy read. There are only 153 pages broken down into nineteen chapters and three parts. Here's a quick summary of the interview for leaders who are in a hurry:

  1. Meetings don't suck by themselves. If your meetings suck, look to the leader who's running the show.
  2. Willing and able leaders can be trained and coached to lead effective meetings.
  3. When this happens, you end the massive "meeting suck" cost that Lee Benson over at tells us costs $350 billion a year in lost time and productivity.
  4. When you read Cameron's book, you'll learn about key concepts such as meeting leader roles, and how to deal with introverts and extroverts. You'll check "every box of the organization chart."
  5. You'll know how to prepare a proper agenda to fit the different meeting styles Cameron teaches us.
  6. You will create a culture of accountability whereby people show up early and meetings start and end on time, if not early.
  7. End meetings early and make everyone happier considering the compound effect of time and money.
  8. You'll know how to foster clear, consistent communication. (Ever follow a leader who keeps changing his mind or hoping for mindreading more than mindset training?)
  9. In the last part of Cameron's book, you'll discover the different types of meetings that are worthy of having. These include timely retreats, a board of advisors meeting, business area reviews, monthly financial meetings, and more.
  10. The conclusion of the book will show you meetings account for about 20 percent of your time. He suggests cutting that time in half. Then, commit to running your meetings like a leader who cares. Show up on time, be respectful, follow the rules of engagement set by leaders like Cameron Herold.

Now you know how to end the suck of meetings. Please take the lead if you're a leader!

Did this article and video help you? I'm always grateful for your comments and suggestions. If you'd like to connect with me, click here.

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