Leaders Are Readers Micro-Training Recap: How Michael Gerber Can Help Your Business Prosper

Hello fellow entrepreneur, business owner, or leader. Thanks for visiting my blog and checking out my recent video where I address the following points for your reading convenience.

Video Highlights and Summary

  1. Leaders are readers. There are many benefits to being a reader. Watch my video and subscribe to my YouTube channel if this and my other videos can help you and your people.
  2. The most successful people I know read tons of books. I share the contrasting story of "Steve" and "Dan." These are two of my friends, and one is an exceptional client. Watch the video to see who's richer.
  3. Michael Gerber and his EMyth body of work is a must-read. One of the best ways to learn the power of working "on" your business is to know why working on your business is key to success.
  4. We learn in different ways. Reading is one of the most powerful ways to expand your mind, reach, empathy, compassion, and abilities as a successful leader. We can listen to books, podcasts, videos, and anything that helps us become better leaders and better humans. The journey begins with your commitment to excellence and discipline. That's fuel by your passion, purpose, and desires.
  5. There's no end to learning. Learning, reading, taking notes, and waking up every day to build something bigger than your ego is what great leadership is all about. Reading, learning, and serving is a life-long process.
  6. Everyone is a leader. And we're all in sales. Listen to what I have to say about this by watching my video.

In summary, I encourage everyone I know to read more books, especially business, community, and family leaders.

The writers I know read prolific numbers of books. Same with successful, happy, healthy, wealthy types I know.

I suggest you and your team read or reread Gerber. Do it this week. Share it with your team for sure and create a culture of learning and accountability for high performance.

Never stop learning. Be the best leader you can be.

The companies who foster training, coaching, learning, sharing of knowledge and resources all prosper for a reason - alignment, commitment, accountability.

Enjoy the journey.

I always appreciate your kind, constructive comments, and questions. Thanks to all of you who refer your friends to me.

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