CRM User Review - Pipedrive vs SharpSpring vs Infusionsoft

Want better sales pipeline performance and results? Check out my CRM User Review video comparing the CRM function of three popular CRM and marketing automation solutions.

What's the best CRM or marketing automation solution for you and your team? Well, you can't teach a kid to ride a bike in a seminar if you ever studied Sandler Sales Institute and the legendary work of David Sandler who wrote a book by the same title. (It's one of the best books ever on sales. See link below.)

Here's the bottom line - know how your salespeople will use your CRM and empower them to focus on PROCESS and ACTIVITIES every minute they are in sales mode. Make it easy for them to research, contact, engage, update and convert new customers through your sales stages.

This is critical for outbound B2B sales organizations or anyone who's serious about accelerating sales success. When you focus on a sales process it's game over!

Why do you suppose every successful company empowers their salespeople by listening to their needs and providing amazing admin support along with marketing automation and content like pitch decks, proposal templates, email templates and more? ROI - Return on Investment!

Here's the Sandler book I suggest.

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